Rocksmith and Epiphone YouTube Contest Announcement

This is a Rocksmith contest video I shot (Canon T2i), edited (Premiere Pro), and created the motion graphics for (After Effects).

Feedback from Ubisoft:
“I think this is absolutely fantastic, seriously great work. I didn’t think it would come out this clean!”
“You rock sir, thanks a ton!”

Demo Reel 2010

This is a demo reel that features a lot of my video, motion graphics, and animation work up to July 2010.

Here are links to the full videos:
1. Confidence Men
2. EEEEEEEE Trailer
3. Cursory
4. Imagination
5. The Grandfather Paradox
6. Petite
7. Snow Trip 2008
8. Biz Videos Online
9. Inner Sunset
10. Lost Languages
11. Ryan’s …uh… Super Power