Assassin’s Creed THREE MILLION Facebook Fans Video

This is a video I edited for Ubisoft celebrate Assassin’s Creed gaining over 3 million Facebook Fans.

From the Facebook page:
In honor of reaching THREE MILLION fans on Facebook, we produced a video to help express our incredible gratitude to the most extraordinary game community on the planet!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Official Story Trailer

Posted with Ubisoft’s permission. I was given a trailer that was already edited and was tasked with removing all of the gory parts to make it appropriate for all ages.
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Ghost Recon Online – Community Video

Posted with Ubisoft’s permission. As a freelance video editor for Ubisoft, I was tasked with making this video to show the gaming community’s response to playing Ghost Recon Online, a free online first person shooter.

“Everyone is happy with your work, thank you.”

Demo Reel 2010

This is a demo reel that features a lot of my video, motion graphics, and animation work up to July 2010.

Here are links to the full videos:
1. Confidence Men
2. EEEEEEEE Trailer
3. Cursory
4. Imagination
5. The Grandfather Paradox
6. Petite
7. Snow Trip 2008
8. Biz Videos Online
9. Inner Sunset
10. Lost Languages
11. Ryan’s …uh… Super Power