Matchmoving Final Project

This is my final project from one of my matchmoving classes. I shot this footage at my friends’ apartment and then tracked the footage using PFTrack. I then imported the footage and tracking data into Maya where I added the geometry and nParticles falling down the stairs.

Matchmoving Final from Dan Kendall on Vimeo.


Not only the title of this video (which I’ve been meaning to post for the last 4 months), but “Wasteland” also describes my website for the last 9 months… To briefly catch you up, it’s been an awesome last 9 months that have kept me really busy. School is going really well and this video is one I did for my compositing class in the Spring 2013 semester. Back in March I also started an amazing new job as a Video Specialist at Sledgehammer Games. If you want to know more about what I’ve been up to, just ask and hopefully I’ll have time to post more on my website to fill you in.

A little about this video:
That’s my beautiful wife roaming through the wasteland. I shot her in front of a green screen and then assembled the whole scene myself in After Effects, Maya, and Blender.

The Silver Cord – Kickstarter Video

The Silver Cord is two book “techno epic/spiritual fiction” graphic novel created by Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly along with several talented writers and artists. The first 210 page book is already complete and available to read for free at The purpose of the Kickstarter page is to raise funding for the creation of book two. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and/or fantasy, you will really enjoy book one and should definitely fund book two!

Kickstarter: The Silver Cord — A Techno-Epic Graphic Novel

I created this video for the Kickstarter project using video shot by Kevin Cooke during the creation process and motion graphics I that made in After Effects using the original artwork files.

Here’s part of Kevin Kelly’s description of the project on Kickstarter:

“Hello, I’m Kevin Kelly and this project is a bit odd. We are raising money for the SECOND book in a series of graphic novels – when the first book is unknown, and in fact has just been released today. The first book is a very long (210 pages) full-color graphic novel that tells the epic story of the clash between angels and robots and humans, and a special half-breed girl who has to decide whose side she is on. It’s called The Silver Cord, and some might classify it as spiritual fiction. I think of it as techno-epic. The story is completely finished, brand new, and as of today you can read it in its entirety either on our website for free, or as a printed book.

But that is not what we are pitching here. We hope that you will read the first 210 pages of our graphic novel, and then want more. To get more, you’ll have to fund this second and concluding book. If we are able to raise the modest, but adequate, goal amount then we’ll proceed to finish the story. It’s all mapped out; the characters are itching to see what happens next, and we are eager to return to the storyboards.”