Not only the title of this video (which I’ve been meaning to post for the last 4 months), but “Wasteland” also describes my website for the last 9 months… To briefly catch you up, it’s been an awesome last 9 months that have kept me really busy. School is going really well and this video is one I did for my compositing class in the Spring 2013 semester. Back in March I also started an amazing new job as a Video Specialist at Sledgehammer Games. If you want to know more about what I’ve been up to, just ask and hopefully I’ll have time to post more on my website to fill you in.

A little about this video:
That’s my beautiful wife roaming through the wasteland. I shot her in front of a green screen and then assembled the whole scene myself in After Effects, Maya, and Blender.

Animation + Compositing + Motion Graphics Reel

Music: Röyksopp Forever by Röyksopp

List of work in order of appearance:
1. Test model and Animation for Short film (2012)
My Part: Everything
Software: Blender

2. Silver Cord Graphic Novel Kickstarter Video (2012)
My Part: Rotoscoping + Compositing + Animation + Editing
Software: After Effects + Photoshop + Premiere Pro

3. Ubisoft: Just Dance Disney Party Gameplay Video (2012)
My Part: Motion Graphics + Editing
Software: After Effects + Premiere Pro

4. Expedia Sizzle Video (2012)
My Part: Motion Graphics + editing
Software: After Effects + Preimere Pro

5. Cisco Sizzle Video (2012)
My Part: Motion Graphics + editing
Software: After Effects + Preimere Pro

6. Virgin Atlantic Sizzle Video (2011)
My Part: Motion Graphics + editing
Software: After Effects + Preimere Pro

7. Canadian media Directors Council Sizzle Video (2011)
My Part: Everything
Software: Blender + After Effects + Premiere Pro

8. Petite (2010)
My Part: Everything
Hardware: Pencil + Paper + Scanner
Software: Photoshop + After Effects + Final Cut Pro

Travis & Kim’s Wedding Day

My wife and I were so honored to shoot this beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. We had so much fun and I think the video didn’t turn out too bad either!

Kim runs a lifestyle and beauty blog called {blending beautiful} and here is where you can find Travis’ web design and interactive media portfolio. Continue reading

“The Getaway”

This short film focuses on two criminals at a point of no return and the seemingly limited choices they have.

Written and Directed by Dan Kendall and Ryan Devisser

Cinematography and Editing by Dan Kendall

Sound Recording by Chris Smithson

Starring Ryan Devisser and Tony Perdue

Filmed in Pacifica, California 2011

The Alley

This is an experimental montage of footage I shot with my friend one night in San Francisco.

Camera: Canon Rebel T2i/550D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

Bugsy’s First Day

We rescued Bugsy the Boston Terrier down in Bakersfield and brought him up to Half Moon Bay for his first trip to the beach and to his new home!

Music:”You’ve got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

I do not own the rights to this song. The use of it in this video is for entertainment purposes only.

Demo Reel 2010

This is a demo reel that features a lot of my video, motion graphics, and animation work up to July 2010.

Here are links to the full videos:
1. Confidence Men
2. EEEEEEEE Trailer
3. Cursory
4. Imagination
5. The Grandfather Paradox
6. Petite
7. Snow Trip 2008
8. Biz Videos Online
9. Inner Sunset
10. Lost Languages
11. Ryan’s …uh… Super Power


Animated short about a little tree. I hand drew each frame with pencil and ink and then scanned each one onto my computer where I assembled the animation using Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Music by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com


Short film written by Ray Carey about bizarre crime underworlds. I co-directed with Ray and did most of the cinematography, all of the special effects and motion graphics, and co-edited with Ben Cantwell.