The Silver Cord – Kickstarter Video

The Silver Cord is two book “techno epic/spiritual fiction” graphic novel created by Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly along with several talented writers and artists. The first 210 page book is already complete and available to read for free at The purpose of the Kickstarter page is to raise funding for the creation of book two. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and/or fantasy, you will really enjoy book one and should definitely fund book two!

Kickstarter: The Silver Cord — A Techno-Epic Graphic Novel

I created this video for the Kickstarter project using video shot by Kevin Cooke during the creation process and motion graphics I that made in After Effects using the original artwork files.

Here’s part of Kevin Kelly’s description of the project on Kickstarter:

“Hello, I’m Kevin Kelly and this project is a bit odd. We are raising money for the SECOND book in a series of graphic novels – when the first book is unknown, and in fact has just been released today. The first book is a very long (210 pages) full-color graphic novel that tells the epic story of the clash between angels and robots and humans, and a special half-breed girl who has to decide whose side she is on. It’s called The Silver Cord, and some might classify it as spiritual fiction. I think of it as techno-epic. The story is completely finished, brand new, and as of today you can read it in its entirety either on our website for free, or as a printed book.

But that is not what we are pitching here. We hope that you will read the first 210 pages of our graphic novel, and then want more. To get more, you’ll have to fund this second and concluding book. If we are able to raise the modest, but adequate, goal amount then we’ll proceed to finish the story. It’s all mapped out; the characters are itching to see what happens next, and we are eager to return to the storyboards.”

Assassin’s Creed THREE MILLION Facebook Fans Video

This is a video I edited for Ubisoft celebrate Assassin’s Creed gaining over 3 million Facebook Fans.

From the Facebook page:
In honor of reaching THREE MILLION fans on Facebook, we produced a video to help express our incredible gratitude to the most extraordinary game community on the planet!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Official Story Trailer

Posted with Ubisoft’s permission. I was given a trailer that was already edited and was tasked with removing all of the gory parts to make it appropriate for all ages.
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Ghost Recon Online – Community Video

Posted with Ubisoft’s permission. As a freelance video editor for Ubisoft, I was tasked with making this video to show the gaming community’s response to playing Ghost Recon Online, a free online first person shooter.

“Everyone is happy with your work, thank you.”

CisionPoint Release Video

I designed and executed the motion graphics for this CisionPoint release video. I take no responsibility for the talking head shots… I did what I could with what I was given to at least key out the loud background behind him. You can also find the video on the Cision website, sans music.

Created in Adobe After Effects.

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work here!” -Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations
“You guys were great to work with on this.” -Jay Krall, Business Development Manager
“Looks good – nice job pushing the parameters of this video!” -Vice President, U.S. Broadcast Operations

Coming Soon

Working on a Sizzle Video for Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer so look forward to that in the next week or so!

Journalist Tweets

This video I made gives a tour of a service my company provides called Journalist Tweets. Another department had made a very static version of this video and I was approached by one of our Vice Presidents to see if I could make a better version so I started from scratch.

Made with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Quote from the Vice President:
“Looks great Dan. I like how you navigated through the page…does a far better job conveying the story. The audio is much softer/improved as well.”

This is only being used for my portfolio to showcase my motion graphics and video editing capabilities and is not intended to promote any service or product.

Be a PR Superhero

This is a video I made to hype up a new company service called CisionWire. They wanted an old school superhero style so I used footage from the original Batman movie and incorporated it into actual comic book frames.

Made with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Quote from the company’s Senior Vice President:
“Creative Services made us a fantastic video that incorporates the Superhero theme with CisionWire and it’s playing on the big screen in the booth.”


This is only being used for my portfolio to showcase my motion graphics and video editing capabilities and is not intended to promote any service or product.


Demo Reel 2010

This is a demo reel that features a lot of my video, motion graphics, and animation work up to July 2010.

Here are links to the full videos:
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11. Ryan’s …uh… Super Power